Manage people, not tasks.

Cut through the noise and focus on what matters.

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Elegant delegation

View your work by the people you’ve entrusted to do it, rather than the tasks they’ll be doing.

Context at your fingertips

Quickly review interactions with a person or a group of people so you can go into meetings feeling on-top-of-it.

Curated connections

Determine who is most in need of your attention right now based on your conversation history.

The best capabilities from sales and marketing tools, now for your job and your projects.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading!

Not convinced yet? Keep reading! logo

See the whole picture... logo See the whole picture...

...not little pieces scattered across all your different apps.

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Capture and see context for the people you work with, whether it’s what you talked about last week, or the name of the cat that keeps walking in front of the camera. 🐈️
Keep global context handy

Some things will always be true. Clickety keeps the important stuff top of mind so you can engage confidently with people.

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Remember what's important

Track chance encounters, phone calls, and more with custom interactions. They're also great for documenting discussions and flagging for follow up!

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Get the full picture

It doesn't matter if they emailed you from their work or personal account, Clickety collects the context between you, allowing you to interact with the whole person.

Track follow ups

Keep on top of your commitments and remember who owes you what with follow ups.

Flag interactions in Clickety or forward them from your inbox and we'll mark them for you.

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Workflows for people logo Workflows for people

Get a handle on the people and the work, so you can focus on what matters.

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Manage tens or hundreds of people through a process or project without getting stuck or losing track.
Make a plan

It’s hard enough deciding what to do, but figuring out how to do work can be just as difficult.

Create custom workflows in Clickety to move from planning to executing more quickly and naturally.

Connect with intention

Manage relationships with care. Order your contacts by how recently you had a meaningful interaction.

Hone your attention

Clickety activity feeds are context-specific, so you only see activities that are relevant to the group or workflow you're focused on.