Tools for People Work

There are people you should be reaching out to right now. People who could help you and who you could help.

You owe someone a thank you note. You need to meet with someone on your next trip. You have to build a good relationship today for a hire you won’t make until next year.

These little but hugely important things are a key part of leadership. Things you try to do every day. A few people are naturals at it. The rest of us need to work at it.

If you’re one of the many who need help on their people work, Clickety is for you.

Capture logo Capture

Capture the people work you're thinking about right now. This isn't about cataloging all of your contacts, or doing a bunch of administrative work to keep contacts up to date. It's about recording what you're working on and thinking about every day.

Visualize logo Visualize

Visualize your work to help you move sooner and faster. The easiest forms are just groups of contacts, organized according to the work you're doing. Centralize your interactions, plans, and content, and view it all in the context of the work.

Execute logo Execute

Get more people work done, more effectively, and feel better doing it. Reduce the friction to getting more done than you've ever done before, and be sure that all the work you're doing matters, and is high quality.

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