Building tools for leaders and managers.

Clickety’s mission is to software-enable leaders and managers.

Founded by Luke Kanies, founder and former CEO of Puppet. In his own words:

I’ve been a tool junkie since I was a kid, helping my dad remodel houses.

When I was a sysadmin and then a developer, there were tools I could build my career around, that it was worth investing in. I created one that eventually became Puppet, which is now used by hundreds of thousands of sysadmins around the world.

As a CEO, I expected there would be similarly great tools built for the CEO job I was doing. But there was nothing.

We’re going to build them.

Clickety’s first product will help you capture, visualize, and execute the work you do around people. What we call People Work. Think of it like Trello or Github, but for people instead of code.

It’s the most important problem with the worst tools available. LinkedIn knows who, but not what, when, or why. CRMs are built for salespeople and transactions, not for building real relationships or furthering business goals with your staff.

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