A lot has been happening behind the scenes at Clickety. Here are the highlights!


Default Groups

Part of Clickety’s power is in its flexibility, but we noticed it’s hard to imagine what possibilities there are without a few examples to get the ideas flowing. In order to help new users hit the ground running, we’ve added some default groups based on what existing users found most valuable.

When a new user logs in for the first time, they will have Keep In Touch, Decision Making, Locations, and a few more boards to help get started. These can be modified or deleted to suit your purposes!

Default Keep In Touch Board

Group Sort

Want to find the most recent calendar event for a group? A group’s table view can now be sorted by name, interaction type, interaction title, and/or date! Sorting is additive, so if you were to sort by title and then by type, all interactions would be grouped by type and sorted alphabetically within each interaction type. This also works for nested groups- you can sort by least recent to see who in a nested collection of groups is most in need of hearing from you!

Stack Reordering

Realized there’s another step in the middle of your board’s workflow? Create your missing stack and drag it into the right order! You can drag a stack and drop it between the columns it should be between, or you can right click the column and reorder it from the menu.

Stack Reordering


Create People Manually

We’ve found several use cases where you want to add someone you have not yet had an email or calendar interaction with (maybe you only connect with this person through a chat server or text, or maybe you haven’t officially met this person yet). Now you can create a new contact from scratch!

At the top of the app, you’ll now see a “New” button which will allow you to create a new person or group. Once you’ve given a new person a name, you can reference them like any other contact in Clickety.

Add Person

Add Email Manually

Have an email for someone, but haven’t used it yet? Using the existing email merge process, you can now add an email from scratch. This feature is particularly useful for manually created people, but can be used for anyone.

Add Email

Better Email Merging

Need to merge emails for a person? We noticed when users were merging aliases for a contact, especially if the contact had many aliases, that discontinued aliases (e.g., emails from prior companies, schools) sometimes got in the way of the task a user was trying to do. To help you do the things you decided you need to do with as little distraction as possible, we’ve changed alias merging so the most recently used handles will float to the top, and those dusty, ancient emails will sink to the bottom. Never wonder again which address you should use when contacting someone.

Website, etc


We’ve been busy adding helpful content like our Welcome Guide and FAQ - and more are coming!

Check them out at https://clickety.app/docs/


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