App updates

Contact Notes

Descriptions are good for titles, and activity feeds are great for reviewing recent context, but what about details that are always relevant that you need to be able to reference? That’s why we’ve added Notes to Person cards! You can use markdown to add structure, links, emoji - whatever you want! If you’d like ideas on what to add, check out the Capturing Human Context section of our 1:1 101 blog post (part of the Mechanics of Leadership series)!

notes image

Toolbar & Utility Menus

Our initial design philosophy was powerful and intuitive; however, that seems to have resulted in just hiding most of the functionality we add. So we’re switching perspectives to focus on explicit discoverable controls for everything. (This section will go over both the new new click(ety) options as well as the implicit controls that have been available.)

New: The toolbar! Think of it as Spring cleaning: we’ve put the tools that help you organize your workspace on a shelf so you can keep your focus on what’s important.

toolbar image

New: From a Group’s Table view, you can view a person’s details or remove them from the group using the new drop down menu on the right.

table view: remove from group or view details

Implicit: Drag and drop a stack, or right click it to open up menu for moving.

New: From a Board’s Stack, use the drop down menu to move the stack location on the board or change the sort style.

stack move, sort, delete

New: From a Group’s Board view you can view a person’s details, move them through their stack, or remove them from the stack or group, using the drop down menu on their person card.

board view: view details, move, and remove

New: From a Person card in the Activity feed, you can open up either the interaction details, or the person’s profile card.

view interaction or person details from activity bar

New: From an Interaction, open in either GMail or Apple Mail, or toggle a follow up on/off

set followup, open in client image

Implicit: When a person card is open, use the escape key or click anywhere outside of it to close it.

New: We added a “Close” button to person cards (if you have several open, hold command while you click to close them all)

set followup, open in client image

HTML in email bodies

If the folks emailing you took the time to add images and format their message, you should be able to enjoy that no matter where you’re reading it. We’ve added support for HTML in the bodies of your emails, as well as a quick button to report any issues you discover. (We are still in beta, so this feedback is super valuable to us! Thank you in advance for helping us get better every day!)

CSV Upload

Have a list of people that haven’t gone through your Clickety-connected accounts? Now you can upload them via CSV! Read more about it here!


Nobody likes that second of “did I actually click or not?” which is why we added a loading menu for people profile cards!

User Menu Moved

You used to head to the top right to add new accounts, email support, or log out. With our shiny new toolbar, we’ve moved all that to the bottom left.

Processing Improvements

We’ve updated how we ingest your data! It used to be that adding a new user who had millions of interactions to pull in would cause a slow down for other users. Now we break it up so that everyone gets their data in smaller, quicker chunks- new folks can see emails quickly and existing users have a consistent experience no matter how quickly we grow.

Website updates

Mechanics of Leadership blog series

For all the talk about leadership that exists, surprisingly little of it is focused on tactics. Enter the Mechanics of Leadership series, where we explore things like how to reframe the way you get work done, ways to keep track of delegated work, and running simple, effective 1:1 meetings.