App updates

Add Interaction Members to Group

You can now add everyone on an email or calendar event to a group at the same time! Open up an interaction card from the Activity feed and you will see “Add to Group” in the toolbar. This is especially useful for short projects, since you can send a kick-off email to everyone outlining the plan, and in a few clicks, have everyone in the associated Clickety group.

gif showing user creating a group for a barbeque, then adding everyone from an email about it to that group

Copy Project Boards - and Members!

Once you’ve put in the work to make a group and board perfect, starting from scratch on the next one could seem frustrating. You should be able to benefit from the hard work you put in before! That’s why we added the Duplicate Groups option! Now you can copy your perfect board, your full group membership, or both at the same time. This is great for cyclical projects or involved workflows. Read more here!

template group

New members will see a new default group called “Templates” with a Keep In Touch and a Decision Making board nested inside.

In user interviews, we kept seeing folks try to add people to groups that didn’t exist yet. Rather than force you out of your flow to go create a group, we’ve brought the action to you! When you try to add someone to a group now, if the group doesn’t exist, you are given an option to create the group and add the active person card as the first member.

From 'add person to group' button on a person card, the user has searched for 'Blog Contributors,' but finding no matching group, is now selecting 'Create new group - blog contributors'.

Filtering on All People

Search/filter control on All People narrows the results on the All People group, making it easier to see who you are looking for.

Comment Titles & Markdown

We polished up manual activities a bit. The first line of your note will now show up as the title (making it easier to search for specific types of activities). You can also use Markdown to format your notes with things like bullet points, links, and headers!

Manual activity with bullet points and formatting

Activity Feeds for Future Events

Knowing what’s coming up is as important as knowing what’s happened before. Activity feeds now show your upcoming events so you can prepare for what (and who) is next!

When you’re looking at your future events now, you can launch the call from the Clickety view!

Extended Toolbars

Last month we added toolbars to the main pages - now they are on person cards, too!

Uncategorized Stack

When adding new members to a board, the uncategorized stack automatically pops out to make adding members to stacks easier!

watch that column just pop out!

New Homepage!

If you haven’t seen the website in a while, you should check it out! It’s got a fresh coat of paint and way more shots of what Clickety is actually like!

Chat With Us

Wanna chat with the Clickety community? Compare notes on how to manage workflows? Get inspiration for setting up new ones? Join our new Discord server!

Reminder: you can add more accounts - we moved it to the bottom left

Since we are currently still in restricted Beta access, we limit who can try Clickety using an allow-list of emails. Once you are in, however, you can (and really should!) connect other Google-backed accounts that you use to get a more complete picture of the people you work and play with. The “Add Account” button moved from the top right to the bottom left when we added the toolbars last month, and we thought folks could use a reminder.