App updates


Add all to group

Clickety groups often align with groups of people you email. Now, instead of adding each person on that email to a group, you can right click any interaction and select “Add all to group.” This is particularly helpful when you use Clickety groups to track projects with distinct start dates - send a kickoff email to everyone on the project and add that email to the Clickety group (BCC to make it easier to find)!

Follow ups are easier to resolve and show created date

In addition to clicking the Follow Up toggle on an interaction, you can now open or resolve a follow up from the hourglass icon. We’ve also added the date it was created so it’s clearer which interaction you’re opening or resolving.

Hourglass icon has been clicked, showing options to resolve all or to open the interactions. The mouse hovers over a checkmark to the left of the interaction to resolve it


Only show people not in groups

For those not sure where to start adding people to groups, we’e’ve added a toggle on the All People group to only show ungrouped people. When that toggle is “on,” you can open up the first person card, add them to the appropriate groups, and repeat. Creating groups for notifications and other content that isn’t useful for you will keep non-people emails out of this view. Clicking the toggle to turn it back off returns you to the standard Clickety All People view.

Settings page for API key management

We’ve added a settings page! You can get to it from your name in the bottom left. From the settings page, you can clear local cache.

We also added API key generation. We are still testing this out, but if you would like to help us test it out, please reach out to and ask us to turn on the API feature for you!

Settings menu
API keygen screen, with option to generate a new key or to see, rename, or revoke existing keys

The groups on a person card show the parent groups in grey above the membership group, and show the stack name and the person's location on the stack in grey below the membership group

Show nested group paths in profile card

Showing what groups a person is in helps you make connections when working on their person card. But sometimes, you need to know where that person is within a group’s project board and you don’t want to close their card in order to see that.

When you look at a person’s groups in their person card, you’ll now see any parent groups, if they are on any project stacks, and what position on the stack(s) they are.

Move stacks from utility menu

When you make a new stack, but want it at the start of your project board, you can click and drag it to where it needs to be. That could be annoying if you have a particularly involved board.

We’ve added stack moving controls to the drop down menu to make relocating stacks much easier. Now, you can move a stack all the way to the beginning or end, or just move it a single stack forward or back. This is also convenient if you want to duplicate a board and its members to start a cycle all over again - you can move the “Done” stack with all its members to the beginning and rename it for the starting position.


Search results showing handles and descriptions

Show descriptions or handles in search results

Person cards have always shown the person’s description in groups and search to make it easier to recognize folks.

We’ve upgraded search results so if you haven’t added a description to someone, their email handle will show up instead.

Merge notice

We’ve made it easier to un-merge email aliases (hover over the address and select the split icon).

We’ve also updated the notification and made the phrasing a bit more clear.

Merge duplicate person modal saying 'Are you sure you want to merge merry@longibbins.shire into Merry Longibbins?'
hovering over the alias shows the split icon and hover text 'Split handle off onto new person'

Text copying and selection in interactions is more consistent

Previously, you could select certain parts of interactions but not others. Now you can select and copy all parts of an interaction!

Clickety Updates

Database migration

We’ve been hard at work moving from a database that helped us get up and running really effectively to one that will make it easier for us to quickly create more complex features going forward. It’s been a lot of hard work, but we’re stoked for what’s coming next!

Weird Manager Questions

Based on the popularity of our Mechanics of Leadership blog series, we created a mini-series specifically on 1:1 questions.