App updates

Contact Groups or Stacks

You know how you can click “Contact” on a person card’s toolbar to start an email to them? And you know how you’ve been wishing you could do the same for an entire group? Well now you can! Look for the “Contact group” button in the group toolbar – it’s going to make kicking off group projects much easier! Want more group email goodness? You can also email a specific stack in a group’s project board – this makes sending updates and reminders a breeze!

contact group icon


Keyboard shortcuts and navigation

Want to find a person or an interaction quickly? You could click on the search icon in the toolbar like usual, or you could use the / key to open it for you! Use the arrow keys to move down to the result you want, hit the enter/return key to open it, and you’ve just found what you were looking for with zero clicks! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

When you are going through lots of people cards in a Group (both table and project board views), you want to minimize the clicks required to get from person to person. We’ve added the ability to go up and down through the stack by holding down the shift key and the up or down arrow keys, as well the ability to jump to neighboring stacks using shift and left or right arrow keys. (Our other keyboard options are listed here)

More icon options

When you create a new group or a stack on a project board, you get a random icon to help identify it. If you click on it, you can select a different one that is more appropriate for what you are labelling. We haven’t changed how it works, we’ve just added a few more icons to choose from, like a birthday cake for planning a celebration, or an anchor for your sea shanty club.


Faster app

That little moment between dragging someone into a stack and them appearing there? Yeah, that’s gone now. We’ve also made the All People page load more efficiently. And scrolling through an activity feed? That’s smoother, too ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Tidier app

We added much nicer resolve buttons when you click on the follow up hourglass icon. We also fixed some icons and spacing inconsistencies, and just tidied up in general ๐Ÿงนโœจ

Clickety Updates

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