According to a survey posted on, the thing people miss most about the office is seeing their colleagues. They miss the personal interactions, the water cooler chats, some even miss in-person meetings.

In the remote world, we’re all navigating a landscape free of serendipitous moments once taken for granted. Without passive reminders, like running into someone in the hall or seeing someone at their desk, how are you making sure you’re not letting anything fall through the cracks? Some people feel more lonely working from home. What strategies do you have in place to check in on them regularly?

Whether it’s checking in on the team next door, following-up on a referral request, or ensuring new people are comfortable and engaged, Clickety creates a space to see everyone, not just the people you’re in meetings with.

Clickety captures your work, presents it in customizable views, and maintains focus on what’s most important, the people you’re working with. Its utility is long overdue and more timely than ever.

Clickety manages the who in what you do.

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