The Mechanics of Leadership

At Clickety we’ve spent the last year building a product. But our hardest problem has been figuring out how to talk about what we’re doing.

Our mission is to build software that make leaders their best. Look around the average organization. Every person has tools built for their specific job, whether in design, development, HR, or sales. Except one: Managers.

Success as a leader involves working through other people. Thus, their training, myths, and proverbs focus on enabling the people around them. A friend even says that leaders are trained not to think about their jobs operationally. It’s all strategy, team success, direction. There’s no room to discuss the small actions taken every day to make it happen.

You can see how this might complicate building and discussing tools for leaders. Heck, it makes it hard to learn the job in the first place.

I wish we had a magical solution. But we don’t. All we can do is talk our way through it.

So, we’re starting a series of articles to focus on the work of leadership. One goal is to help us all get better at talking about the work of leadership, of management. But, of course, we’ll also ensure you know how Clickety can help you with it.

My experience in DevOps makes me sorely tempted to call this MgrOps. Many people are now building tools to help managers (although mostly focused on running better meetings). It would be useful to have an umbrella term for the category.

We’ll see.

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