👋 Clickety is closing. We are no longer accepting new users, and will turn the service off on 10/1/21. Read more here.

Clickety Documentation

Below you’ll find a list of various documentation associated with Clickety products.

Getting Started

A practical guide to using Clickety in your daily life

Welcome Guide

Welcome to Clickety!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common and important questions.

Keyboard Navigation and Shortcuts

A list of the keyboard shortcuts we support

Clickety API

Getting started with the Clickety API

Clickety Troubleshooting Guide

Tips for when Something Went Wrong

CSV Uploads

Quickly upload people to Clickety

Follow Ups

Easily keep track of who you're waiting on, for what. Or what you owe to whom.


Set and keep context for getting your people work done.

Visualizing People Workflows

Example boards for inspiration