👋 Clickety is closing. We are no longer accepting new users, and will turn the service off on 10/1/21. Read more here.

Adding People Via CSV

Clickety takes a people-centric view of work. We ingest your emails and calendar events to help you see who you are investing your attention on. But some of the people you interact with don’t use email or calendar events with you. While you can add them one at a time using the New Person workflow, sometimes you want to add several people (or more!).

TL;DR - You can upload from the “New” button at the top of the screen. Currently, the only fields we can import are name (required), description (optional), and email (optional).

The Process

Your csv file must have headers (i.e. column names) that match name, description, and email. The headers are not case sensitive. Description and email are optional.

Go to “New” at the top of your screen and select Import CSV. Browse for your file and select import contacts.

If there are improperly formatted emails, you will have a chance to choose whether you import just the name/description for those contacts, or to skip those people.

Email error message

Once your upload is complete, you will see a notification at the bottom of the screen.

If you have more than one email you would like to use for a person, you can upload them as separate rows in your csv and merge them once they are uploaded (see example below).

Mac Intoshmac@example.com
Mac Intoshmac@maclikesdomains.me
Mac IntoshDir. Internal Servicesintoshm@company.com


Here are the ways to win or avoid fights with our csv upload process:

If your file has improperly formatted emails, you will see a notification. You can choose to upload the contact anyways (which will save them as a person, but will not save the broken email), or skip them and try re-uploading after the email has been fixed.

The order and capitalization of the header names (name, email, description) doesn’t matter; only the spelling is important.

Once you’ve started the upload, you can click away from the notification and go to different groups or open person cards, but do not refresh the page until the successful upload notification appears - if you refresh or close the window, it’ll interrupt the import, and whatever contacts remained to be imported would be lost.

importing progress message

Currently, we expect csv upload to be able to process about 10 people per second, so we strongly recommend against importing everyone you’ve ever met (or if you do and you get errors, we recommend breaking up your imports to groups of about 500 people or less before emailing support@clickety.app).

If you try to upload a person that matches someone already in Clickety, they will show up as a “failed upload”. Email error message