👋 Clickety is closing. We are no longer accepting new users, and will turn the service off on 10/1/21. Read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clickety?

If you look around a modern office, every employee in the building has tools built for them and their specific job… except managers. We’re here to change that.

Clickety is a productivity tool built specifically for leaders and managers. Yes, your job is to help other people get things done, but the work is still hard. Tools can help. With Clickety, you capture who you’re working with and why, and the state of the work. We connect all of your communication, so you never lose context. No more need to store everything in your head, or switch between email, calendar, paper notes, and everything else, just to prepare for your next meeting.

How do I sign up?

Clickety is currently in private beta. You can sign up for the waiting list, and we’ll get to you as soon as we can. You can move up the waitlist by referring friends! (You’ll get a code after signing up.)

What requirements does Clickety have?

Your interactions with people are the heart of a leader’s work. We center that in our product by connecting to and ingesting your communication data wherever it is, starting with email and calendar. We use this to build a view of the people you spend time with, and the work you do with them. Thus, your email and calendar are critical data for our application.

We currently only work with Google email and calendar. We will eventually support every email service we can, but right now, your work email must be hosted by Google for you to get much value from Clickety.

Why should I trust you with my data?

We think the next decade of privacy will be very different than the previous. It is our priority to build for the future. We will never sell your data. We only share it with backend services that are required for the service. Our only reason for asking for it is to help you get more value from the data you already have.

We take annual security audits (most recent one: January 2021). We prevent employee access to user data by practice, and commit to preventing it technically in the near future.

Our privacy policy covers this in more detail.

I’m a user. I still have questions!

How do I share feedback?

When you were onboarded, you should have been invited to a user list and a slack channel. These are great ways to share ideas, questions, and feedback. You can also contact the team directly via our support channel. Or you can just email Luke. More communication is better.

Will this be a paid service? How much will it cost?

We want to build a productivity app with high privacy, which means we can not and will not make money by selling or sharing your data. We plan to make money by building a product people love and are happy to pay for.

We are still working on our paid plans and pricing, and will announce them as soon as possible.

How do I…?

How do I deduplicate contacts?

We think of contacts different than your average address book app. We define a person based on how you’ve communicated with them. For many people, this means you see them multiple times, because you’ve emailed them at different addresses over the years. If this happens, you can merge them all into one. Open one of the profile cards, and look at the Aliases list on the right side. Click ‘Add’, and search for the duplicate contacts. You can merge people directly from this window.

Have a question not answered here? See a problem with our answers? Please reach out to us at info@clickety.app.