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Follow Ups

In all of our user interviews, the management problem that generated the most anxiety was follow ups. What am I supposed to be tracking? With whom? How do I know I’m not missing something?

This feature is built for that.

We’ve provided an easy way to mark any interaction — email, calendar event, or note — as needing a follow up. Doing will show cause the ⏳ emoji to show up on the interaction, and all related people.

If you open an interaction card, you’ll notice a new control in the upper right:

Enabling a follow up

Clicking that button makes the ⏳ emoji appear in multiple places:

  • Next to the button
  • Under the user’s name in the profile card
  • On the interaction anywhere it appears in the activity feed
  • On the person’s card anywhere they appear (i.e., in groups or on boards)

This provides an easy way to visually know when you have work to do.

It is easy to end up with multiple follow ups set on a single person, or for a marked email to get lost in the activity feed. You can get the complete list of marked interactions by clicking on the hourglass emoji on the profile card:

See all follow ups on a person

When the work is done, just turn the toggle off. The hourglass will disappear.

Get out of your inbox

You often send emails that need some sort of follow up. “I’ve asked for this, and if I don’t get it in a week, I want to follow up on it.” When you’re sending that email, BCC followup@clickety.email, and we’ll automatically mark that email with the ⏳ emoji.

If there’s already email in your inbox you need to follow up on, don’t just let it sit there. Forward it to that same follow-up address, and stop letting it clog your inbox.

See everything

Clickety is designed to help you create contexts that map to the work you’re doing. But you often need to review all of your work, not just within a single project.

That’s why we automatically add everyone with a follow up to a top-level group:

The Follow Ups group

Here you can quickly get an overview of what’s outstanding, and how long it’s been since you talked to the people involved.