👋 Clickety is closing. We are no longer accepting new users, and will turn the service off on 10/1/21. Read more here.

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Let’s be honest, nobody wants to have to visit a troubleshooting page. We’ll help you as best we can, starting with a chill waterfall, if you need it.

A relaxing waterfall image on loop to calm you down. It probably sounds like whooshhhhhhhhhhhhhh drip drip drip. I hope this is calming, but suspect it’s gone on too long, now…

Authentication issues

  1. At this point, we only support Google-backed emails. Advanced Protection doesn’t allow most third-party apps, including ours, so you won’t be able to authenticate into Clickety if you are part of that program.
  2. Verify you’re using the email address we added to the beta program
    1. While you can add any Google-backed account after you’ve successfully logged in, we gate our beta access on the email you signed up with. If you need to use a different email address to start with, please let us know and we’ll update it. (If this is the case, the email you first tried to sign in with will need to go through step 2)
  3. Whenever something goes wrong when granting Clickety permissions, the Google token doesn’t get stored on our end. You’ll need to revoke Clickety’s access before Google will let you sign in again. To do that
    1. Open up your Google account settings
    2. Select Security from the left menu
    3. About halfway down that screen, you’ll see “Third-party apps with account access”. If you see Clickety, select it, remove access, and try logging into Clickety again.

If these don’t work, please let us know and we’ll get to the bottom of this

Supported browsers

We test all our features in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you are using Brave, Edge, Tor, Opera, Clickety should work, but if you’re having issues, please let us know by opening up our Intercom support chat, or by emailing support@clickety.app (Intercom may be automatically blocked by browsers like Tor and Brave, so emailing support will be your go-to)

CSV upload not working

Please refer to the troubleshooting steps in our CSV upload documentation.