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Visualizing People Workflows

Clickety allows you to create custom workflows for your people work, but with an infinite variety of options it can be difficult to figure out where to start. We’ve categorized the types of boards we’ve seen below to hopefully inspire your next board.

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(i.e., Left-to-right workflows)

Good for: Getting as many people as possible across the finish line as possible.

You have a series of stages you want people to move through and you need to take actions based on the stage they are currently in. For instance, when inviting someone to beta test a product, you’ll want to invite them to test, wait for their acceptance of the invitation, add them to your allow-list, let them test, then collect their feedback.

board with stacks for Invited, Reminded, Scheduled, Added to Allow-list, Onboarded, Declined/No Response


  • You are inviting users to your app’s beta program
    • Stacks: Invited, Reminded, Scheduled, Added to Allow-list, Onboarded, Declined/No Response
  • You are running a user experience campaign
    • Stacks: Invited, Scheduled, Interviewed, Thank-you gift sent, Declined/No Response

Keep in touch

(i.e., Network gardening)

Good for: Staying top of mind with key people

Keep in touch boards ensure you have a solid relationship with the people who matter most to you, whether you want to hire them, ask them for a favor, or just spend some time with them. We include a sample keep in touch board in Clickety’s default set up, but we’ve found most users eventually create separate boards for different categories of people like in the examples below.

board with Monthly, quarterly, and annually stacks


  • Mentees/Mentors/Advisors
  • Folks you don’t have a position for at the moment, but want to hire in a few years
  • Distant coworkers who help you better understand what’s going on across the business
  • Former coworkers you want to keep in your life
  • You love your extended family, but there’s a lot of them
    • Stacks: Weekly, Monthly, Holiday cards

Call down lists

(i.e., People to contact)

Good for: Making sure you talk to everybody

Often, you have a list of people and you need to talk to all of them before something can happen. If this list of people is much longer than 3 to 5, you’re gonna have an easier time tracking that in a tool like Clickety. Plus, you can have stages so you don’t get overwhelmed with too many people scheduling all at once. Staged invites also give your brain time to process the input from earlier stages, so you can ask more nuanced/refined questions with later contacts.

Advice board with reached out, scheduled, and met stacks


  • You are collecting 360 feedback for someone
  • You have a big decision to make and you want to get advice and opinions from all of your mentors
    • Stacks: Reached out, Scheduled, Met
  • Sending thank you notes to wedding guests


(i.e., Filling limited availability)

Good for: Prioritizing when there’s limited availability

You have a scarce resource and want to ensure it goes to the people who need it most. Maybe you are planning an intimate work dinner with key customers and employees, but you have limited seating. You would invite your top contacts first, but some of them likely won’t be able to attend. You can then invite the next prioritized batch of attendees and continue until you’ve filled all the seats with the most targeted set of attendees available.

board with stacks for Considering, Invited, Scheduled, Declined


  • You are planning an intimate work dinner with key customers and employees and only have room for ten people.
  • You want to reach out to previous event sponsors about your next conference/meetup
    • Stacks: Invited, Prospectus, Silver (10), Gold (5), Platinum (1), Declined
  • You’re going on a trip and have limited time to visit with the people you know there
    • Stacks: Considering, Invited, Scheduled, Declined

These can help you get started, but please don’t let this limit you- some of the most useful boards are actually combos.