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Cultivating Community - Content Contributors

Community There are all sorts of ways to “do” community. Maybe you are employed as a community manager. You might wrangle a meetup in your free time or contribute to an open source code repository. Maybe you moderate a podcast community or you’re active in a church. Being part of a community increases our collective resilience....

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Clickety Makes Community Management Easy as PIE

Community work isn’t predictable, but Clickety helps me understand where, how, and who needs connection.

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One-on-one 101

We all know we’re supposed to have one-on-one (1:1) meetings with our direct reports. But the value managers and employees get from them...

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My Pivot to People-Focus

My Pivot to People-Focus I’m a new “full time” manager, and to be honest, I thought I’d be really good at it. I like spending...

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Elegant Delegation With Clickety

Elegant Delegation with Clickety Part of the Mechanics of Leadership series. Everyone knows great leaders delegate. Ok. But how? Micromanagement is a...

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The Mechanics of Leadership

The Mechanics of Leadership At Clickety we’ve spent the last year building a product. But our hardest problem has been figuring out how to talk...